Hello friends! 

I don't know about you, but once the fall season hits it seems that every sweet and sugary thing pops off the shelf at me! It's the season of pumpkin spice, halloween candy everywhere, and Thanksgiving just around the corner. I want to stay healthy and in shape all year round - including this sweet season! I have turned to a much easier method to help me stay healthy and push towards my fitness goals and it does not include calorie counting. Instead, I use portion control with an easy breezy system including color-coded containers that tell me EXACTLY how much I can and and of what! Introducing, 21 Day Fix, the best of the best. 


With this program, you get DVDs filled with amazing 30 min. workouts for you to do everyday, an eating guide, and the best part - those cute little color coded cubes! These containers are what stop the calorie counting and allow you to eat much more freely! You simply fill up your containers with great foods listed in the food guide (including wine, chocolate, and tortilla chips!) and you are good to go! 

My favorite part of this program is that it is fool-proof! You don't need to keep track of numbers, you just fill up your containers and get your 30 min. workout in and you are DONE! It can't get much easier than this - am I right?! :)

Here are some great success pictures from the 21 Day Fix! Some of these pictures feature my own team members! I couldn't be more proud! Check them out...