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Success Stories


Success Stories

Tobi Fleming

Tobi Fleming lost 42.75 inches and 16.9 pounds all because one year ago she started one of my crockpot challenge groups on Facebook! The one-week group is a safe place for women/moms who want to start their health and fitness journey. Tobi didn’t fully jump on board until half way through the group. But, then I reached out to her about trying the 21 Day Fix program, which teaches you how to portion control your meals and consistently workout.

At the time, Tobi’s husband was off work because of an injury, which meant she needed to be able to grocery shop for four people with $100 per week. She was able to incorporate the 21 Day Fix on her tight budget. Starting at 207.3 pounds and now being almost 17 pounds down, she has accredited that to the 21 Day Fix. She completed 3 rounds, with her first and last one being the most successful. It does take commitment, but it is doable by anyone.

Tobi said, “The 21 Day Fix has changed my life. I was told by my doctor that I am pre-diabetic at the start of this journey. I had my labs taken again yesterday and should have the results by tomorrow. I already lowered my BMI by 3.38 kg/m2, my BP is down from 114/70 to 113/63, and my pulse is down from 86 to 78! Not only has this allowed me to get healthy and strong, but I actually feel better. I'm not irritable with my kids, I'm not depressed anymore, I have not had another panic/anxiety attack, nor have I had any other low blood sugar symptoms. I have been able to get my husband off the junk food he was eating daily and the soda. My kids have started working out with us too.”

Tobi is doing awesome, and she is just one of the stories of how a simple challenge group can be the start to your health and fitness journey – the start to life change!

Cathy Zamarron

At the beginning of 2015, Cathy Zamarron joined a 30-day challenge group with a Team Beachbody Coach she had never met before. They didn’t even live in the same state, but that didn't stop her from joining! She had never heard of Beachbody either.

After that group finished, Niki Ferguson, the coach who headed up the group, invited her to do another challenge group together. This one gave the flexibility to pick your own workout program and Shakeology flavor.

Cathy agreed to join and picked PiYo, a workout with a mixture of Pilates, yoga and fluid movements. After this, she had dropped a whole pant size! From January 2015 to June 2015, Cathy lost 30 pounds and dropped from a size 6 to a size 2. Now, she has maintained her weight, actually putting on weight in muscle! 

Amy Lensing

Amy Lensing heard about one of Melissa’s challenge groups all because of one simple Facebook post! She started off trying Turbo Fire, which is an intense 90-day cardio conditioning program that helps you burn up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio.

In the challenge group, she also tried Skakeology for the first time. 

She said, “I told myself I would only buy it (Shakeology) for 1 month and cancel it, but after drinking it daily for no more than 2 weeks, I felt so much healthier and knew that I was going to continue drinking it forever!”

Since joining, Amy has lost 10 pounds and has maintained her weight, gained muscle and toned up. She has now been a part of Beachbody for 4 years!

Dennis Strickler

Dennis was sitting in a hospital bed 7 months ago for 11 days wondering if he was going to leave with a tube stuck out of his back draining fluid from his lungs. That is when he decided to make a change. He needed to make a LIFESTYLE change to get his health back in check.

His journey started when he came across a little challenge called "The Little Black Dress." He asked more about it, and it ended up being the best decision he could have made. It was an accountability group just like the ones I hold! It was full of encouragement to stay committed to your health and fitness goals.

Dennis said, "It taught me how to portion out my meals and how to do a workout in 30 minutes."

So far, he has lost 80 pounds!! Going from 318 lbs. to 233 lbs. He has done 4 rounds of the 21 Day Fix and 2 rounds of the Ultimate Reset. You can have results just like Dennis if you set your mind to it!


Krista Trent

In this picture, Krista is wearing the same XL t-shirt, and LOOK at the difference!

She said, "The person on the LEFT: I was stressed and an overwhelmed new home owner (this was the day we moved in) who used any excuse to eat fast food and make unhealthy choices. I was happy in life for the most part (with my marriage, family, career and faith). But I ignored my health and likely had a food addiction." 

She used food to celebrate and feel better about herself. The results of that sedentary lifestyle took a toll on her body. None of her clothes fit. Then she said, "The person on the RIGHT: Now, I have balance and control in my life. I take care of myself so I can be here for my family. I use food to fuel my body. I workout to lose weight and get stronger. I am still happy (with my marriage, family, career and faith). But I am also happy with myself and proud of my progress."

This picture is a difference of 60+ pounds and 36 inches gone FOREVER! 


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Challenge Group

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