The school year is starting up again, which means us moms are back to packing lunches! So to make your week a little easier, I found some creative and healthy lunches that your kids will LOVE!

*The order of the pictures above are corrilated with the order of the recipes below.  

Asian Yummies

Don't be fooled by the looks, this idea might look gourmet, but it takes the same amount of time as your classic PB&J! 

At Trader Joe's, you can get these chicken shumai dumplings in the freezer aisle. Just defrost them in the morning and you are good to go. Leave the mixed veggies frozen because they will defrost by lunchtime. They also serve as an ice pack to keep the rest of the meal cool! Then add in your choice of fruit and some white rice. 

The New Ham & Cheese Sandwich

If you are tired of your kids saying, "MOM, not another ham and cheese sandwich!", this is your answer!

Flip the sandwich inside out by wrapping some ham or turkey around a whole wheat pretzel. Then add in a cutie and strawberries or your kid's favorite fruit. Finally, add in some cheese and crackers. No need to cut the cheese into stars. Square slices taste just as great! :)

The Turkey Dog

Most kids love hot dogs, so why not give them a healthier version? That way you both win!

Slice up a turkey dog and add in crunchy sugar snap peas, sweet grapes and juicy watermelon. Then add in half of a burger or hot dog bun. Literally, as simple as that!

Have fun with it, ladies. And thanks for the ideas, redbook!


Love, Melissa