Have you heard about it yet? It’s taking Country Music by storm. It’s all the buzz! It’s COUNTRY HEAT!!! 

You may be saying “What the heck is Country Heat?” Think of the latest country music, fun dance moves and weight loss. No, it’s not line dancing, I promise! Haha. It is like Zumba with a country twist.

So check this out, I had a few friends in the test group for this program and their results were GREAT! Angie lost 14 inches and 8 of them in her waist!! Fran lost 7 inches and most of them in her waist. 

As I have gotten older, it has gotten much harder for me to lose weight, especially around my middle. In my 20s I could drop weight quickly, but now in my 40s, it takes much more discipline and dedication. I think Country Heat is exactly what I needed!

Country Heat was just released and all I can say is, the time flies by. The songs are very relevant, and I had fun while my body was getting a great workout in.

I just got back from Nashville where the trainer Autumn Calabrese did live workouts so we could try it out. SO MUCH FUN!!! She even took the time to go over the nutrition plan that comes with the program. It comes with seven portion control containers and a 90-page booklet that explains how the containers are supposed to be used. It also has TONS of recipes!

These are recipes that my boys would eat too. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been guilty of eating the same thing day after day after day. I’ve done it too. It’s just so darn easy to fall back onto the trusty meals and snack, like carrots and hummus! While there’s nothing wrong with eating the same meal or snack every day, it can be a load of fun to shake things up from your usual routine.  

Everyone knows that apples and peanut butter go well together, but what about apples and coconut? Yes…yum!!! But I would have never thought of that if it wasn’t suggested in the Country Heat nutrition guide. 

I want to personally invite you to try Country Heat with me. We will have fun sharing what moves gave us the hardest time and how much we laugh at ourselves while still burning calories. You do this workout in your own home. I have started a Country Heat group on Facebook where we can connect with several other women. I am sharing recipes and fun videos. The best part is getting to celebrate our results and success together!! 

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Don’t miss out on this fun!!! 


Have a Blessed Day,