Do your kids like to make homemade bracelets? Maybe some with beads, others with candy or pipe cleaners? Well, I came across this genius idea from One Little Project at a Time, and I had to share! 

Instead of using typical candy, use healthy candy, like dried apples, cheerios, dried cherries, banana chips, candied blueberries or yogurt covered raisins. Your kids won't even know the difference because these snacks are yummy too. The list is limitless!

The best snack options are clearly foods with holes in the middle, but you can experiment with other options to see what will stay intact when you put the needle through them.  

To start, all you need is snacks, a large dull needle, elastic cording, and scissors, then you are open for business. 

You can even try to teach your kids patterns, so they are getting something educational out of this jewelry making business too! 

For more details, check out the original blog at One Little Project at a Time