I am currently taking a trip from Dallas to Atlanta for my son’s baseball tournament, so we have been on the road A LOT! And then in a few weeks, I am traveling to Nashville to speak at the Beachbody National Conference, which means I need to look my best and feel my best. So here are my top tips for eating healthy while traveling!

First off, prepare as much food to take with you as possible. For example, cut up carrots, celery, red and green peppers, and bring salad mixes with you. Put the dressings in a few separate containers, so you can eat the salads on the go. You can make them as veggie heavy as you want

Second, try bringing homemade options! You can make your own salad dressing or wheat pasta! This does take a lot of preparation, but the calories saved are just unbelievable. You could have a really fulfilling salad for under 300 calories or a combo meal at a fast food restaurant that will put you over 1,000 calories. For the pasta, bring sauce too so you can heat up a quick meal in your hotel’s microwave.

Third, bring LOTS of peanut butter! Get your protein baby. What an easy and filling snack by itself or on celery or apples. 

Lastly, if your family is not about this, there ARE options at fast food restaurants. So if you bring your own salad dressing, just order a salad and hold the dressing, then add your own! And when you are deciding to add chicken, don’t cheat and go with the crispy…I know it’s tempting! The grilled is still great too!

It takes some time to train your brain, but you will eventually be just as satisfied with that grilled chicken as you currently are with the crispy. That applies to other foods too!


Love, Melissa