We love dressing up for Halloween, so why not dress up your favorite healthy snacks in costume too?!

Forget the sugary candy corn and caramel apples. These little treats are decked out in costume, which makes them super ADORABLE, but they are also way better for you than your typical Halloween treats.

Now you don’t have to feel ashamed about eating that candy you bought for your kids…Don't worry, we've all done it! :) 

Apple Mummies

Photo by  Marci Coombs

Photo by Marci Coombs

Wrap up your apples in gauze tape, add some candy eyes, and viola, you have a genuine mummified apple ready to be devoured!

Banana Ghosts and Orange Pumpkins

Get a scare out of your kids by making some banana ghosts with chocolate covered raisins! If you’re bringing this to a party, peel a few clementine oranges and use a sprig of celery for the stem to make a miniature pumpkin patch.

Veggie Jack-O-Lantern & Frankenstein

Nix the boring veggie tray when Halloween comes around. Organize some carrots, black olives and broccoli to make a Jack-O-Lantern! Then put your yummy green veggies on a separate plate and make a Frankenstein. Give your kids the reigns on this one and see what they come up with!

Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

Turn your oranges into mini Jack-O-Lanterns by cutting off the top, scooping out the middle and carving a face on the side. Then just fill them with your favorite berries!

Hard-Boiled Ghosts

Photo by  Wit & Whistle

This is such an easy craft that makes lunchtime so much fun! If your kids like hard boiled eggs in their lunch box, sneak one of these decorated ones in there and see if you can give them a scare. Then, when they get home, let them decorate the rest of the eggs!


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Love, Melissa