Sometimes I look around my house and think "How the heck did all of this clutter get here?" I mean, some of this stuff I don't even know where it came from! And then there are those essential items like your Wi-Fi router that are just plain ugly. Who wants to look at that thing!

So I was researching creative ways to hide them, and I came across the idea of hiding your junk with fake books! What a brilliant idea...truly.

All you have to do is collect some old hardcover books and cut the inside pages out. You can get old books from garage sales, thrift stores or recycled book stores. You might even have some lying around the house. If you don’t have any books, you can always cover some cardboard with cute fabric. You would never know the difference!


What you need:

Hardcover Books
 Small Crate or Box
Hot Glue Gun
Exacto Knife


First, you cut out the inside pages of the books so you are left with just the shell. Use an exacto knife so your cut is "exact" haha, unless the book is SUPER old and the pages just fall out on their own.

Photo by  Sewing Barefoot

Second, find a crate or box that can hold all of your junk. It doesn’t matter what it looks like because it will be completely hidden. Measure out how many book covers you need to cover the whole crate.

Third, cut off the front and back of the book covers with the exacto knife. Make sure to leave the front or back of two of the books because those will be on the side of your crate. 

Photo by  Sewing Barefoot

Lastly, hot glue those puppies together, and your project is complete! Now go hide that junk that has been laying around for who knows how long. 

Photo by  Sewing Barefoot

I found the instructions for this project on the Sewing Barefoot blog, so go check it out for more details to beautifully hide your junk! 😄


Love, Melissa